Monday, August 13, 2007

And In The Beginning, There Was Ebay...

When I got engaged, I jumped right into the wedding planning. I knew exactly the kind of look I wanted to go for: Outdoors, intimate, and different. Luckily, my future husband (hereafter lovingly referred to as "FH") went along with the idea, and we've been finding inspiration ever since.

I thought the first decision would be the venue, but I was wrong. The first thing I found was my dress!

A lot of brides agonize over their dresses, trying to decide whether they want white or ivory, tea length or floor length, train or no train, simple or elaborate, sheath or ballgown, sleeveless or not... the decisions are endless!!! Knowing that I am the most indecisive person on the PLANET, I knew I would stress out over finding the perfect dress.

To get an idea of different styles and prices, I went to the first place I thought of: Ebay. And literally, within an hour, I found it. Simple, tailored, and perfect for an outdoor wedding. Also, it was less than $300. Perfect for a budget bride like myself!

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