Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pink And Green! No, Blue and Yellow! No, Red and....(Picking Colors)

My FH and I decided to go with the following color palete for our nuptials (thanks to one of the Knotties for this image):
Interestingly enough, FH was the one who picked the colors. I love so many colors and color combinations, I knew I would never be able to make a choice. Since my FH has an amazing gift for aesthetic, I asked him what colors he thought we should have. His response: "how about pinks and greens?". And that was that. Our colors were henceforth chosen.

In the spirit of the color selection, I wanted to post some inspirational pics:

I love the combination of the pale greens and pinks in this bouquet. It has roses, hydrangea, and orchids-- three of my favorite flowers! The only ones they don't have are peonies and ranunculas :).

Tulips will be in season when FH and I get married, and I love the look of clustered poms like those shown in this centerpiece collection. Plus, it has the floating candle in a vase with water, one of the simple but elegant choices we're considering in an effort to keep our wedding as "green" as possible.

One thing I am definitely looking into is
the pocketfold invitation. It keeps everything
so neat and organized! I like the shimmery
copper color of this pocketfold and the simple
design of the invitation.

Because we're getting married outside,
FH and I are considering having shephard's
hooks lining the aisle with pomanders like this
(especially because again, it has two of my favorite
flowers: hydrangea and peonies). But because
I'm going to do as much DIY as I can to save
money on flowers, I'm really going to have to
practice these ahead of time to make sure
I can get them right!

Although FH and I aren't going to have
a ring bearer (neither of us has any
young 'uns in our respective families, *boo hoo*),
I still loved the look of the poms and ranuncula
in this creative ring bearer pillow. I may
use this as inspiration for my centerpieces!

Although FH and I aren't having an
outdoor reception, I absolutely love
the look of this photo. The light pink
tablecloths with rose pink overlays
and green chair covers and bows
really make a statement. I may
borrow this idea for our venue, because
it could use a splash of color!

FH and I have decided to go with
cupcakes instead of a traditional wedding
cake, mostly because we're aiming to
do things a little differently and want to
have a casual wedding and ceremony.
Still, I like the colors on this cake and
think that our cupcakes can have similar
decorative icing on top for a really pretty

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