Sunday, August 26, 2007

Mai Tais or Museums?

FH and I have been talking alot lately about where we want to take our honeymoon. On the one hand, we know we're going to be soooooooo tired after our wedding weekend that we'll probably want to just relax on the beach, cocktail in hand, and get sunburned like the lobsters we are. OK, really, it's just me who's a lobster (FH is lucky enough to have naturally dark skin so he never burns! Bah!). On the other hand, we know we would last only about a day on the beach before we'd start itching to DO something. Exploring, hiking, museum-hopping (my personal favorite).... oh, and lets not forget shopping!

Here's where we're considering thus far:

Bora Bora:


Macchu Picchu:

Florence (my personal favorite):

OR..... Paris:

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