Friday, October 5, 2007

The Today Show Wedding

Yesterday, the Today Show had their annual wedding, only this time it was planned by Martha Stewart! I haven't kept up with all the choices because this year has been such a busy time for me, but I couldn't resist taping the wedding episode. Let's face it, many brides, including myself, become addicted to anything and everything wedding-related.

I thought the choices for the Today Show wedding were amazing- I love the BM dresses, the grey suits for the GM, the green swags across Rockefeller Square, the floral bouquets.... but clearly, the most stunning choice by FAR was Jessica's (the bride) Reem Acra dress. It's gorgeous, and it looks gorgeous on her!

I'm sure you brides out there would differ as to whether you would want a wedding paid for by the Today show, and of course there are pros (free wedding! Planning by Martha Stewart! Getting to meet Matt Lauer!) and cons (viewers choose everything- what if you don't like the choices?, less personal, limited guest list). I've gotta say, though, that if someone offered to pay for my wedding, I'd definitely say yes, even if it meant letting go of some of my own planning. After all, the choices presented to the Today Show viewers are exquisite (I don't think I could ever afford a designer dress, for example).

In any case, time for the video!

Here's the video of Jessica walking down the aisle (she looks so happy!):
(Click to view)
Jessica and Cody say ‘I do!’
Jessica and Cody say ‘I do!’

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